Battles Royal at Stirling

Soccer ballSoccer ball
Soccer ball
Medieval jousting, falconry, archery and even cookery have been familiar summer sights at Stirling over recent years, with the historic castle forming an atmospheric backdrop to many a historical pageant.

But all of that will pale into insignificance by comparison with the events planned for Stirling later this month, when Proud Edward’s Army will be sent home to think again – in three separate daily showings.

The 700th anniversary of Bannockburn, the Scottish victory which helped secure freedom from Plantagenet England, has inspired a weekend not only of bristling spears and gaily caparisoned knights but also a huge assortment of more pacifistic arts, crafts and music events.

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And it is also Armed Forces Day (Saturday, June 28) which will see tens of thousands descend on Stirling to enjoy the spectacle of armoured fighting vehicles, pipe bands and representatives of all the services – combining in a celebration of Britain’s military, past and present.

Stirling will inevitably be mobbed that weekend, so a visit will take cool tempers and careful planning. Full details at

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