Symington author's debut novel is published

Kate Campbell is delighted that her debut novel is finally being published.Kate Campbell is delighted that her debut novel is finally being published.
Kate Campbell is delighted that her debut novel is finally being published.
Any writer will tell you, it’s always a thrill to see your name in print – particularly for the first time.

That thrill has been experienced recently by Kate Campbell, an author based in Symington.

Her debut novel, The Whisper of Calaresp, has been ready to launch since before the pandemic.

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Wallace Publishing had hoped to release it when book signings were back on the table; however, Kate’s wait is finally over and her debut novel went on sale on Amazon last Tuesday.

Although the 34-year-old has already had several short stories published, seeing her first book in print was hard to describe.

She said: “It came a couple of days ago; it was incredibly exciting.

"Seeing your first book in print is a dream moment for any author; it was amazing. It’s now sitting in pride of place in the book shelves!”

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Kate’s dad Andy Robinson was in the army so she travelled around Europe as a child, along with her mum Annie. It was these travels that first inspired her to write adventure stories.

She met her Scottish husband, Ewan, at university while studying English literature. After graduating they moved to the Borders and then on to Symington, where they have a small holding and a menagerie to look after!

It’s a lifestyle Kate didn’t expect to love as much as she does but it also allows her to concentrate on writing.

It was while walking in the Borders with her dogs that she hit upon the idea for The Whisper of Calaresp.

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She said: “I started thinking how amazing it would be to step into a different world, which runs parallel to the one we inhabit. My imagination ran away with me after that!

"Like many young people, the main character Louise has always felt out of place in this world – something a lot of people, particularly young adults, can relate to.

"She is transported into a world of adventure and magic and discovers her true self.

"While it is aimed at young adults, I think there’s something in it for all ages.

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"It plays with the idea that all of our myths and legends, for example sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, are explained by portals opening up between the two worlds. Nessie is actually a sea monster in Calaresp.”

Kate has drawn on her own experiences to pen The Whisper of Calaresp; like its heroine Louise, she too enjoys long walks with her dogs.

However, Kate lives firmly in this world and knows only too well how hard it is to get a book published.

She said: “I finished the book about two years ago and sent it out to ten publishers.

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"Part of any writer’s journey is self-doubt and uncertainty. When I heard back from Wallace Publishing, it was a huge confidence boost.”

Kate has already penned the follow-up to The Whisper of Calaresp, as well as a children’s book for her niece.

Her talent has also been recognised with a mention in the Who’s Who of Emerging Writers of 2021, published by Sweetycat Press.

Kate hopes to do signings when it is safe to do so.

She added: “My family are desperate to have a party but, as most of them live in England, it will have to be a virtual one for now!”

The Whisper of Calaresp is £11.99 from Amazon or

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