Call for better recycling of hazardous batteries

A new campaign to increase the recycling of dangerous, yet potentially precious batteries has been launched across the UK.

It’s estimated that there are 178 million batteries hoarded in homes across the UK, with millions more ending up in landfill - despite recycling points now being provided by many major retailers.

However, a new partnership between environmental charity Hubbub and compliance scheme Ecosurety is hoping to increase battery recycling.

The #bringbackheavymetal campaign - a reference to elements such as lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium which are contained in modern power cells - is aimed at the 52 per cent of people surveyed who admitted to disposing of batteries in a regular waste bin.

The tenuous and possibly confusing campaign plays on the metal connection with fun facts about the levels of batteries going to landfill - equivalent in weight to 55,794 Ozzy Osbournes - while making the point two in five people questioned said that recycling points should be more visible.