Celebrating Scottish interfaith week at the Wee Retreat

The Art Of Living Glasgow Team is invited Southsiders to celebrate the theme of Scottish Interfaith Week 2019 Eat Share Love later this month.

The event at The Wee Retreat aims to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyle and nutrition

The session will be an interactive exploration of the holistic benefits of healthy eating.

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You will be invited to create the elements of a “Rainbow On A Plate” for a balanced nutritious meal.

You will learn about the sources of energy for our body and breathing techniques for well being.

It will conclude with a meditation to express gratitude to the universe.

Eat, Share, Love – A special event to mark Scottish Interfaith Week 2019, takes place on Thursday, November 14 from 7 – 8pm at The Wee Retreat, 2 Myrtle Park, Glasgow

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