Charming Chapelhall

For householders looking to gain maximum value in return for reasonable outlay a quick visit to this superb detached property (fixed price £155,000, through Remax) in Chapelhall is well worth the effort – because it really does have something special to offer.

Owner Carole Baxter says the glories of the back garden need to be seen first hand to be properly appreciated, as this is obviously the time of year (and despite the drastic weather) when it is at its best.

It’s a definite plus to a lovely property which already has so much going for it, from the seductive decor scheme (which few will probably want to change in any major way) to the attractive and friendly neighbourhood – and the convenience of the location for Cumbernauld and other obvious local destinations.

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The facade of this home is perfectly fine, with its faux-Georgian aspect, but it’s a bland introduction to a whole series of delights indoors.

Carole points out that the building is a relative rarity in its immediate area for being a three-bedroom detached, and that magnificent terraced garden puts it all in a very appealing context.

The bedrooms (master bedroom ensuite) are all on the upper floor, along with the family bathroom, and are everything you’d expect of superior accommodation in this sort of standalone property/

As can be seen from the photographs, the lounge has convenient access to the garden, and it’s easy to imagine new owners as a young family able to use that space and freedom to the full – and at any time of year.

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Also included in the deal is the garage, equipped with full electrics, which besides its obvious use could alternatively be fitted as an office, study or other separate area away from the house.

But probably the most remarkable feature of this particular sale is its price, which is pitched at a reasonable level to attract a broad range of potential viewers – and which lets anyone seriously interested apply with the knowledge that they won’t be entering a bidding war with other interested parties.

Taking into account the locale, the quality of the property and the fact it is a well-appointed three bedroom detached home, this asking price is an eyebrow-raiser, even in a market where there’s definite value to be found for those prepared to take the time and trouble to find it.

People looking for a larger or in some other way “better” local home than the one they’re in at the moment might not be familiar with Chapelhall, and probably won’t be aware that stunning fixed price value is available on a property of this quality.

That’s a shame, because this one really deserves to be seen, and an early appointment to view is definitely recommended.

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