Comedy review: Glenn Wool (The Stand)

Glenn WoolGlenn Wool
Glenn Wool
“I must be doing something right in Glasgow”, chirps Glenn Wool as he looks out on a Stand comedy club crammed to the rafters.

In the same venue last year he attracted half the headcount, though he’s under no illusions that his popularity has soared.

Wool may be headlining, but a sizeable portion of the crowd have come along for his podcast partner and support act Frankie Boyle.

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So, after a brief intro from Wool (“thanks for coming to see me. And ONLY me...), Scotland’s favourite provocateur takes to the stage for 30 minutes of work in progress.

He may have a bigger beard than usual, but the material is unchanged - knowingly offensive and beautifully observed potshots at everything from the Commonwealth Games to a breathtaking riff on Angelina Jolie. “I might not say that again”, he sniggers. He will.

The best thing Boyle does tonight is to introduce more people to the joys of Glenn Wool - who more than matches his feted friend.

Playing a greatest hits set gleaned from his series of Edinburgh Fringe shows, he wisely concentrates on some of his more edgy tales.

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It’s a tactic that wins the Boyle demographic over instantly - using an nicely unsavoury opener about swans.

The tone of the material fits together nicely, although some parts of his breakthrough show about divorce work less well in isolation, while the lack of narrative arc means there’s no big finish.

Most of all though, pretty much every line is genuinely FUNNY, with the more shocking material impossible to take offense at when it’s delivered by Wool’s theatrical stoner persona.

He’s certainly doing something right in Glasgow.