This week: The birth of Daniel Mason.

PARENTS: Jane and Craig (34) are scientists who work at the same international plastics firm in the North of England. Jane is originally from Greenfaulds and Craig is from Law in South Lanarkshire. They met at Strathclyde University and did their Chemistry PhDs together at Durham University. Jane and Craig live in Ingelby Barwick in Stockton-on-Tees. They already have a two year old daughter, Sophie.

PREGNANCY: Thankfully a straightforward one which didn’t get too much in the way of everyday life. Jane was at the gym and swimming hours before Daniel made his debut!

BIRTH: Drug-free at mum’s request. The delivery was described as ‘textbook’ by medical staff and funnily enough, Jane’s first baby was the same. Daniel arrived a week early and mother and baby were discharged on the same day.

BABY: Daniel is coming on like a champion! Feeding well, sleeping well and is very content.

NAME: A nice touch of family history here. Daniel is named after his great grandfather Daniel Brown who was born in Cumbernauld Village in 1904 and lived there all his days before passing away in 1986.

GRANDPARENTS: David and Isobel Brown of Locksley Crescent and Janette and Tom Mason from Law.

THANKS: Jane and Craig would like to thank all hospital staff, both set of grandparents plus all family and friends for their love and support and beautiful presents for Daniel.

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