New Kirky cinema 
is a ‘roaring success’

Hundreds of people have flocked to Kirkintilloch’s new cinema, with all 600 tickets selling out for the first 

The Kirky Picture Palace, based at the town hall, opened on October 12.

Kirkintilloch Community Council (YourKirky) have hailed it a “roaring success”.

One of the organisers, Pamela Marshall, said: “The event was a massive success with all three screenings sold out and we plan to run a second event on December 14.”

The community council partnered with Regional Screen Scotland and IndyCinema to start to build a programme of cinema in the town.

This came after a consultation with local people.

Pamela added: “Everyone, yes, everyone, young and old, told us they wanted to see cinema back in Kirky.

“YourKirky aimed high, seeking to bring a proper cinema experience with relatively new release films.

“The Kirky Picture Palace’s opening saw Toy Story 4, The Lion King and Downton Abbey sell out all of the 600 tickets available. And it was a roaring success.”

One cinema goer posted on the YourKirky site: “Love love loved it. And all on our doorstep.

“We would have all our cinema days in Kirkie this way if we could....we could walk there and back, meet people we know, have a chat, support the community spirit. Amazing job everyone.”

Another posted: “My Mum and I had a great night out. Walked down the street, went to Ghilonis for a fish tea, then

to Town Hall/ Kirky Picture Palace. Ended our evening with a few gins in the Puffer and the fire was on, very cosy.

“A few pounds for a taxi home. Perfect local night out that didn’t break the bank.”

One more posted: “Passed through the town at five. Not seen the town centre like that for ages. Lots of people walking about and hopefully local business benefiting. Looked like a great community effort. Well done to all involved.”

More information on the forthcoming screenings is available at