Gig review: Memory Man (Broadcast)

When four-piece alt-rockers Memory Man take to the stage at Glasgow’s Broadcast it’s as a largely unknown quantity; with not a single note of music yet released.

Memory Man (photo by Kris Boyle)
Memory Man (photo by Kris Boyle)

That there’s a fair buzz about the place from a decent-sized Friday crowd is testament to the individual band members’ impeccable musical pedigree.

Featuring familiar faces from bands like Snow Patrol, Red Light Company and Grim Northern Social, this is an outfit with serious form and talent to burn.

Frontman Stephen Connelly’s artfully affected delivery is textbook Morrissey, but the sheer strength of songwriting on offer ensures the performance never tumbles into pastiche.

Stage right, guitarist Paul Mellon weaves Pixie-esque screaming melodies and spiralling solos, anchored by the precision rhythm section of Mark McClelland on bass and Liam McAteer on drums.

On first listen, the choicest cuts are ‘Taking Back The Flag’ and ‘Calling In The Condor’; but there’s every indication that the less immediate songs will impress even more with repeated plays.

It’s a massively assured live debut and one that promises much for the future.