Glasgow beer fans look to the east

Being all in favour of equal opportunities here at The Extra, we thought it was high time we dedicated the spot usually reserved for good grub to Glasgow’s other favourite pastime; drinking.

And so I headed to the launch of Drygate; the brewery, bar and kitchen luring everyone else in Glasgow eastwards for a taste of their many and varied craft beers.

The building (and equally imposing/inviting industrial sign shouting out from behind a high rise) is impressive; nestled just below Glasgow Cathedral and in the shadow of the Wellpark Brewery — an important point, as this is a joint venture between Tennent’s owner C&C Group and craft brewers Williams Bros.

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The Drygate brand definitely leans towards a Williams Bros-favouring beard and brogues crowd more than it does the traditional Tennent’s drinker — but there’s a lack of pretension (not least reflected in some rather reasonable prices), even if it does have a sleek hipster sheen.

Upstairs there’s a beer hall — right now, displaying fruits of labour from Glasgow School of Art, and the students responsible for designing Drygate’s mythical-style labels.

There, friends and I tucked into the Gladeye IPA and Outaspace apple ale.

The other half raved about the IPA; a flavourful American-style ale with a strong finish.

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The apple ale was more unusual; nowhere near a cider, but a pleasant, extra-sweet lager which would come in handy on a warm day (and with plenty of balcony space, all you need is for the weather to cooperate).

Downstairs, in Drygate’s restaurant area, we tucked into the Bearface lager; a tasty microbrew, rich and golden and colour but as thirst-quenching as you’d expect — and a far cry from that familiar Tennent’s taste.

We were also lucky enough to sample a few nibbles from the kitchen; breaded chorizo and oxtail sausage rolls were a particular treat, as well as a decent tomato arancini.

If this is what Drygate tastes like, I’ll be heading east again very soon.

Drygate Brewing Co

85 Drygate


G4 0UT

Tel: 0141 212 8810