Glasgow’s all-girl inbetweeners

Photo by Joseph Gibson PhotographyPhoto by Joseph Gibson Photography
Photo by Joseph Gibson Photography
Imagine Sex and the City meets The Inbetweeners, with a Scottish accent — and you’re just about at The Graduettes, according to the team who created it.

In keeping with the pop culture references, Jess Burns and Sean Wilkie’s ‘live sitcom’ started out with an idea from Belfast-born Jess to create a female version of that other Channel 4 cringefest, Peep Show.

The idea grew arms and legs for a television pilot by writer/director Sean, who penned episodes of the show for his own production company, There’s Been a Murder Productions, to stage live in Glasgow last year.

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Now, the duo are following up 2014’s success with stints in Glasgow and Edinburgh (providing a crowdfunder campaign goes well).

Sean explained: “The show centres around three girls and their lesser halves as they try to navigate life after education with as little effort as possible.

“The stage play is based on an episode entitled ‘The Girls Solve a Murder’, in which Sophie is pregnant to Andrew, whom she barely knows, and is all set to put on the perfect Christmas dinner for his mother.

“As they prepare to break the big news to her, Sophie and her friends find the landlady dead on the living room floor and must solve the case - or hide the body before Andrew’s mother arrives.”

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The Graduettes is on at Websters Theatre (Great Western Road) from April 27 until May 1, followed by a stint at The Fringe August 24-29 (donations to fund it welcome at

Tickets are £9/£8/£5 from