Has Scottish astronomer found evidence of the Star of Bethlehem?

The Star of Bethlehem may have been pinpointed by a Scottish astronomer.

A vital clue in the book of Revelation prompted Donny Mackay to examine the night sky as it would have looked over two thousand years ago using computer astronomical software.

His search has led him to the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ discovery.

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He said: “The software I used was originally designed as a working tool for astronomers to enable us to see the situation in the night sky, weeks, months, or even years ahead but at the same time, however, we can also use this package to see how the night sky would have looked over two thousand years ago.”

Donny Mackay is a speaker and president of Stornoway Astronomical Society and also one of the principal lecturers and research workers with the Biblical Research Society (UK).

In addition to being a planetary scientist and astronomer, he has also studied numerous other subjects including Scottish History, German, and Biblical Studies including Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, and Biblical Archaeology.

He explains that when biblical, historical and astronomical evidence are all taken into account, along with an examination of the Julian and Hebrew Calendars in use at the time, the authenticity of the biblical account can be verified, i.e. the discovery of the Bethlehem Star scientifically confirms the Biblical events.

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Donny continued: “The Bible offers more than sufficient clues, which when taken into consideration along with historical and astronomical evidence enables us to accurately determine the exact dates of the conception, birth, and baptism of Jesus Christ and the precise date and time when he died on the cross.”

Dr Michael Davies of the Biblical Research Society said: “For centuries, many have tried to explain the mysterious star that appeared in the sky above Bethlehem over two thousand years ago and astronomers have suggested various explanations, but neither astronomy nor the Bible alone will answer this question; you have to examine the wider picture which is precisely what Donny Mackay has done. His evidence is totally overwhelming and highly convincing.”

For further information on Donny Mackay’s findings go to the Biblical Research Society website.