No puzzle why gigwas so successful

THE NOIZY Indie Social Club, Cumbernauld. April 23

THIS debut live performance from The Puzzlers was much anticipated.

The band’s publicity train was in full throttle prior to tonight and with a packed Noizy, with many family and friends attending, you did feel that their heads were on the chopping block, but luckily for them, no chopping was done – The Puzzlers were awesome.

The opening song ‘Sin’, an edgy, gritty, upbeat number, had the crowd completely sold. The influence of The Stranglers and The Skids was everywhere and was especially evident on the brilliant ‘Book of Jokes’ and ‘Gypsy Violin’. Growing visibly in confidence as the night wore on, of their other songs ‘Looking at Pictures ‘was a standout with it’s guitar riff and clever lyrics, however my favourite was left to the end with ‘Tumble in Despair’.

As soon as you hear the opening thumping drum beat from Gordon Tosh and killer bassline from Andy Morrison you know they’re on to a winner. Add amazing guitar and vocals from Jim Dorman and you have a classic in the making.

Check out their Facebook page for future gig listings and with the band in the recording studio we look forward to some material being released soon.

On tonight’s showing, we look forward to seeing The Puzzlers again soon. They came – we saw – THEY ROCKED.

Rating: ****