Paying for it today? How about these 6 hangover cures?

We all know the feeling: you had one tipple too many, and now it's the morning after the night before and you are PAYING FOR IT.

Yes indeedy, that last round of tequila shots seemed like a mighty fine idea six hours ago, but now the alarm clock is whining incessantly and you feel like the proverbial bear with a sore head.

It is stating the obvious, but the best way to avoid a hangover is, of course, to drink less. It’s also sensible to eat a decent meal before heading out, and alternating between an alcoholic beverage and a hydrating glass of water can seriously lessen the effects of a hangover.

Assuming that all that advice went out of the window last night, here are six hangover cures to try...

A hearty bowl of soup before bed

Okay, so this is only a good idea if you can still stand straight, but Austrians swear by this method. When you’ve had a skinful of booze, grab a big bowl of goulash soup before heading to bed. It will prevent the alcohol soaking further into your bloodstream, and is always a better idea than that kebab you were craving at 3am.

Eat a protein breakfast

Dr Andrew Irvine, who published How To Cure A Hangover, suggests a simple breakfast. “Protein, in the form of eggs, will help your hypoglycaemia (when your blood levels are dropped), as will porridge,” he says. “The headache should ease once the blood sugar level has been corrected, then take some soluble paracetamol.”


The Aussies, it is fair to say, know a thing or two about drinking. After one too many tinnies, simply drop a tablet of this over-the-counter, nutrient-packed tablet in a glass of water. Works best if you do the same before drinking. It may not completely cure your hangover, but it’s a refreshing pick-me-up that’s packed with vitamins.


Dissolve a soluble paracetamol tablet in a glass of water and not only will it go a long way towards curing that throbbing headache, but it will provide rehydration, which is all important. Unlike ibuprofen it won’t irritate the stomach. Be warned, though: too much paracetamol is toxic to the liver - and it has probably taken enough of a pounding as it is.

Hair of the dog

Salvatore Calabrese, who is one of the world’s most high-profile bartenders, swears by this recipe: Put 30ml vodka, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a basil leaf, a pinch of ground coriander, a pinch of celery salt, chopped chives and black pepper into a blender. Once it’s all mixed up, throw it all into a large glass filled with ice and garnish with tomato and basil leaves. Granted, it sounds like a lot of work, but hey, do you want to cure your hangover or not?

Milk Thistle

It’s said that Milk Thistle, which has antioxidant properties, helps hangovers by stimulating the regeneration of cells battered by alcohol. Works best when taken before a night on the sauce, but is worth taking the morning after too, as it helps the body’s organs to eliminate toxins.