Pic of the Week: Discarded Doll by Colin McLatchie

The image started life as a studio portrait of a young lady with striking make up and features.

I used the image in a portraiture international competition a few years ago and it did OK, but I always thought that there was a better image lurking somewhere inside.

I spend a lot of time travelling for my day job, and find myself in airport terminals with time to kill, so I research avidly and I came across a similar genre of image and wanted to know how to do it and how long it took the creative author to do. He emailed me back with the rough outlines of the process.

The final image is a composite of 14 different images and layers all blended to give the final look.

I was trying to re-create the look and authenticity of an old discarded, hand painted, wooden doll.

The final image took the best part of 30 hours to create in Photoshop creative cloud.

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