Playwright hits a comical note

Ailie Hunter is something of a renaissance gal: painter, scriptwriter and novelist — all in one package.

Now, she can add playwright to her list of accomplishments, as her first stage work, Gripped, is about to be performed — and it’s one that hits home for some of us.

Ms Hunter’s theme for her comedy play is set with a newsroom as its backdrop.

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Nick is a newsman, but so much more as well — he’s a womaniser.

As he works his way around the office, he encounters one woman who is not at all what she seems.

She holds a deep, dark secret which takes our Nick quite unexpectedly.

And all of this chaos adds to the already chaotic atmosphere, as they battle to meet their deadline.

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The Extra caught up with Ailie as she was rushing about putting the finishing touches to the performance.

She said: “It’s a big job putting on a show, especially one with such a large cast in a proper theatre. I am excited to be doing it but it’s also a little scary.

“The downside is the amount of work in getting a show together.

“Being a director is a lonely job as you’re separate from the rest of the people involved and telling people where to move and when — it’s incredibly intricate, even though it doesn’t look it.”

Gripped is being performed at Cottiers Theatre in the westend tomorrow and Saturday (May 23-24). Tickets cost £10 (£8 conc) and are available on the door. Performances begin at 8pm.

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