Restaurant Review: an ideal spot for a leisurely lunch

It’s all too easy to ignore lunch these days — or, at most, grab a limp supermarket sandwich on the go.

Taking a break from the usual grabbing a snack , I ventured out to Newton Mearns this week to sample midday fare at Primavera Bistro.

The clientele at The Avenue’s most prominent eatery were more early bird specials than early deadlines — but whether in your golden years or fitting in food between important meetings, there’s a lot to be said for a leisurely lunch.

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The other half jumped at the chance to escape the office too, and we settled into seats surrounded by shopping centre bustle, and down to a menu of old faithful mains and light bites.

I opted for penne salmon; a rich cream and tomato sauce over pasta tubes and delicate smoked salmon. In most instances it’s hard to get pasta wrong — but when it comes to smoked salmon, it’s tough to keep it melt-in-the-mouth in a hot dish.

Primavera pulled it off with aplomb - just the right temperature, just the right texture - and in a hearty portion too. This is food to keep you going beyond dinner time — but fuel worth savouring too.

The OH went for the minute steak sandwich; a thin cut laid out on a doorstop wedge and laden with pepper sauce. The sauce packed a bit too much of a punch and the chips alongside were average, but points go to Primavera for a decent, tender piece of meat — a cut above the usual lunchtime sarnie.

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We finished with an excellent coffee and crumbly, oh-so-naughty caramel shortcake — one of many tempting fresh cakes behind the counter — before I left leisurely pursuits behind and slogged back to Extra Towers to finish out the day.

Still, lunch at Primavera brightened up my working week — and the Avenue eatery is proof positive that just as much effort should go to lunch as to fancy dinners.

Rating: 7.5/10

Primavera Bistro

The Avenue

Newton Mearns

G77 6AA

Tel: 0141 639 8092