Review: Canned Laughter

With a tagline of 'a funny play about being funny', you expect Canned Laughter to raise a few laughs.

But what you don’t expect, is to still be chuckling the next day at the quick one-liners and gags.

It was the world premiere of Canned Laughter at the Adam Smith theatre in Kirkcaldy on Friday night, which was fit to burst as people packed in to see the much-talked about play.

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Starring Allan Stewart (Alec), Andy Gray (Gus), Grant Stott (Rory) and Gabriel Quigley (Maggie), the plays tells the story of three comedians’ rise to stardom and their subsequent fall from grace which spells the end of their friendship.

Told in flashbacks and switching from now to then, the laughs come thick and fast from the trio whose comedy timing is second to none – and with Andy Gray’s facial expressions bringing even more laughs.

But underneath the hilarity is a touching and poignant story of friendship that lasts years and that it takes a bigger man to say sorry.

It’s a friendship that runs deep for Andy, Grant and Allan, whose closeness off the stage works just as well when they are all together on it.

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If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, what are you waiting for? I guarantee that you will be laughing for days to come.

Canned Laughter heads to Glasgow Theatre Royal (March 15-19), Aberdeen His Majesty’s Theatre (March 24-26) and finally, Edinburgh King’s Theatre (Mar 29–Apr 2). To book tickets, visit