Romeo and Juliet

PREPARE to be romanced as Shakespeare's most famous tale of two star-cross'd lovers is brought to life in Glasgow.

Scottish Ballet's spring production of Romeo and Juliet opens at the Theatre Royal.

This retelling of The Bard of Avon's masterpiece has been created by Dutch National Ballet resident choreographer Krzysztof Pastor.

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Claire Robertson, one of the national ballet company's principal dancers, dances the part of Juliet and of her mother, Lady Capulet.

Hertfordshire-born Claire, who turned 35 this week, told Live: "We have three different casts, so there are three different Juliets and three different Romeos.

"I love being able to play both roles as both are very big characters.

"It has always been my dream to play Juliet — I suppose every girl dreams of it — and this will be the second time I've done it for Scottish Ballet".

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She revealed: "There are a lot of emotions going on and when I come off stage I always feel really quiet.

"You live the emotions — the love at first sight, then getting married and then killing yourself in the end. It is a long journey.

"And Lady Capulet is such a powerful character — when playing it you want to be a mother to Juliet but know you have to obey your husband".

The Scottish Ballet dancers, for whom the production was created, bring their iconic roles to life with emotional intensity and breathtaking performances.

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The story, timeless as love itself, plays out against a striking multi-media backdrop and set to Prokofiev's formidably-dramatic score, performed live by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra.

Claire told Live: "The set is very simple to allow the story to be told. There is so much drama in it and so many different emotions.

"The music is incredible as well. It is difficult to choose one bit as my favourite.

"Although when the balcony scene comes round my heart is beating three times faster than normal. It is such a rush being up there and the audience is always so quiet at that bit".