Rotary’s rocking Christmas

THEY’RE not quite on a par with Tamla Motown yet, but the Rotary Club of Lanark is fast heading for becoming a recording `label’ of repute!

While the public image of your average Rotarian is that of a stuffy, middle-aged businessman whose only act of rebellion since his teens was not wearing a blazer in his golf clubhouse, the Lanark members seem a VERY different breed of the species altogether...

Ask yourself; how many Rotary Clubs have their own rock band?

Well, Lanark’s does - in the shape of The Mazdas.

It also seems to have contacts with the many talented folk our area is blessed with well outside the usual Rotary `circle’ of friends.

This is why the club has been able, for the second time in the past few years, to assemble more than enough talent to produce a charity CD album for Christmas, the latest release on the Lanark Rotary `label’ being Some Old Chestnuts for the Roasting Fire.