Southside street food is in pieces

Lunch — it’s a meal often overlooked in favour of hearty breakfasts and dinnertime feasts.

With Glasgow continuing to prove its culinary might in the street food stakes, it seems unfair to write off the humble piece — and there are plenty of them in this patch.

Making waves on the lunchtime scene of late is No Way Back, the newest trendy eatery drawing foodies to Strathbungo.

The tiny cafe is hard to miss, all primary colours and pulsating beats (there’s a music theme to the menu with sandwiches such as The O.D.B on the regulars list).

Drop it in the westend and it could be lost in a sea of hipster hangouts, but here in the southside, the multicultural-menued No Way Back has sussed its market, for the most part.

I tried the excellent Porkolator; tender pineapple-infused meat and avacado and lemon spread on a split roll. This is how pulled pork should be done.

At £4.50 a piece, No Way Back is hardly a steal — but a special occasion lunch, maybe, until I win the lottery or NWB has a sale on sandwiches.

Strathbungo may be a rising star in the street food stakes, but Cessnock has been an established favourite for even longer.

An Indonesian peanut meatball roll from Japanese fusion fave Cherry and Heather is worth the trip alone.

You could be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into the westend again with a beetroot, rose and honey goat’s cheese pate and mixed seeds roll (vegan, naturally) — but it’s an interesting combination of flavours.

If it’s classics you want, there’s always Bite Me — a traditional sarnie shop with an edge.

Bite Me offers a DIY menu, allowing you to construct your own combination of flavours — although there are wackier suggestions on the walls.

This reviewer’s money is on tuna, cheese, jalepeno and Mexican mayo combo. Weird? Perhaps — but it works, somehow.

There’s more to lunch than the humble sandwich, and with top notch takeaways springing up around the southside, there’s little risk of going hungry — still, it’s nice to have options for a failsafe lunchtime piece.