Find out what lurks in the psyche of top comic Daniel

Daniel SlossDaniel Sloss
Daniel Sloss
It won't be night for the faint-hearted as award-winning comedian Daniel Sloss examines his own psyche at Cumbernauld Theatre on Sunday.

Despite just finishing 25 dates of NOW at the Edinburgh Fringe, Daniel couldn’t wait to get back on stage as he sets out to discover if he’s a sociopath.

He said: “I took a break after the festival and spent nine days in Thailand, but the show is now so tight that I couldn’t wait to take it on tour.

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“I did a few previews of the show to small audiences before taking it to Edinburgh and one of those was actually in Cumbernauld.

“You can write something you think is funny, but then no one laughs, so previews are essential, and it was in Cumbernauld that I realised the show was working so I’m delighted to be coming back.

“I was told that after coming to see my last tour 125 couples had split up, and I admit I rather enjoyed hearing that.

“If you’re breaking up after listening to a 20-something comedian I’d question how strong your relationship was to begin with, but I did start to wonder if maybe I’m a sociopath.

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“That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and this is all about me exploring that possibility – things can definitely get a little dark.”

Daniel is still only 27, and despite now having spent a decade in the business has no burning desire to move onto other projects.

He said: “When I was young I loved being able to tell people I was a stand-up comedian while making money from it.

“I still have plenty of years in front of me and I think you can only become the best comedian you can be through experience and I am striving for constant improvement.

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“I didn’t get into stand-up to become an actor or just to be famous, doing a bit of acting can be fun, but I’m not going to spend six months in a TV studio at the expense of my true passion.

“Of course you get offers, but then when you pitch something they want to change it. I am quite precious about my material, you either want my brain or you get nothing.”

Support will be provided by Forth Fringe Award 2016 winner Kai Humphries who has toured with Daniel across Europe.

The show for 16+ only starts at 8pm and tickets costing £13.50 (concessions £11) are available by calling 01236 732887 or online