Giffnock actor takes to the stage in smash hit comedy sequel Singing I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim 2

A Giffnock actor is returning home to tread the boards of Eastwood Park Theatre.

Gary Morrison, who now lives in Preston with his family, is taking to the stage in the hilarious new sequel to Des Dillon’s smash hit comedy, Singing I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim.

Inspired to venture into the world of showbiz by his parents, Gary first dipped his toe into acting as a teenager.

He explained: “When I was about 16 or 17, I thought, ‘what am I going to with my life?’ And then I thought I might try acting. I like singing as well, but with my dad (Alexander Morrison, who toured with the White Heather Show) being a famous singer I thought I might get judged on what he did.

“I wanted to do something similar but different, so I joined an amateur dramatics group.

Gary joined the Giffnock Theatre Players and was cast in their production of The Odd Couple.

“I loved it,” Gary said. “So you could say I got my answer! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life – acting. I auditioned for other shows and took studied drama at college. And 20 years later it is now my job.”

Joining the play in the role of Billy, the show tells the story of Billy and Tim as they find themselves stuck in the medical room at Hampden Park during the Scottish Cup final between Rangers and Celtic after making a bet that backfires with spectacular consequences.

Throw in a gallus wee Glaswegian ghost on a mission from God and a fierce Polish nurse with no time for nonsense and watch ninety minutes of outrageous comedy unfold.

“The play is fantastic,” Gary continued. It takes the audience on a journey of banter, comedy but with a great twist at the end. There’s a poignant message within the show. That’s very important.

“I’ve had fans come up to me at the end saying that this is what football should be like – not full of hatred and bigotry. That’s always good to hear. And audiences have also said that this play is better than the first, and as an actor that’s great feedback to have.”

Singing I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim has already toured venues in Ayr, Inverness, Falkirk and Motherwell, and will arrive at Eastwood Park Theatre this Saturday, September 21.

Gary is looking forward to heading back home – and hearing people talk quick again!

“It’s always great to come back home again. My mum and dad still live in Giffnock, and it’s nice to come back to see them and help out around the home. I love walking around and seeing the sights again and seeing what’s changed. I miss the way people talk up here – they talk really fast! Down south they talk quite slowly, it’s the little things you miss that makes home, home.”

Singing I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim 2 will take you on a priceless comical journey like you’ve never witnessed before and promises to have you laughing so hard you’ll be begging for extra time.

Catch it at Eastwood Park Theatre on Saturday, September 21.

For tickets, visit Eastwood Park Theatre