Horse proves it pays to be Careful in play about her life

Horse McDonald (Pic: Kris Kesiak)Horse McDonald (Pic: Kris Kesiak)
Horse McDonald (Pic: Kris Kesiak)
Lanarkshire singer-songwriter Horse McDonald will be heading to Motherwell Theatre on Sunday with her award-winning one-woman play Careful.

In her acting debut Horse takes to the stage as an admirably frank and engaging teller of her own touching story of survival, from wearing two-tone velvet loons to becoming one of Scotland’s most celebrated singers.

She said: “I have always told my story through my music, but my wife Alanna said I should challenge myself so I am currently writing my autobiography ... and then she suggested a play.

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“I’ve known Lynn Ferguson for years and while I was out in LA visiting her I persuaded her she should write it and after many Skype conversations she has crafted a wonderful piece.”

While much of Horse’s story focuses on growing up gay in a small town as well as the death of her parents, she believes it is a universal tale.

She said: “It is my story, but it could be anyone’s story and I think that’s what makes it so strong, we’ve all suffered challenges growing up and faced loss at some point.

“When we debuted the show at the Edinburgh Festival it moved so many people that afterwards I had them coming up to give me a hug and wanting to talk about it so for this tour we are holding a Q&A after it finishes and I’ll sing a couple of songs too.”

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Horse admits acting didn’t turn out to be as easy as she thought, but is now keen to do more.

She said: “I thought that as I’ve been on the stage for so long that it wouldn’t be too difficult, when I watched the soaps on TV I actually didn’t have much respect for actors, but I do now.

“Acting is the antithesis of singing, at times in rehearsals the director Maggie Kinloch was holding my feet to stop me moving, eventually she coaxed a performance out of me and now I am desperate to have a go at working with other actors.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets costing £15 (£14 concessions) are available by calling 01698 403120 or|online|CNL}

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