Third Degree

This week’s choice is Abronhill resident, history teacher and fundraiser for Erskine Hospital Jon Eriksen

1. What period of history interests you most?

The Third Reich, the nationalism, oppression and fanaticism during this period. Its relevance today is

remarkable and significant when you look at issues around the world.

2.What history book would you recommend to our readers?

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‘Patrick Sellar and The Highland Clearances’ By Eric Richards. This book emotively describes the difficulties and hardship of Scottish people being forcibly removed from their homes

3. Where is your happy place?

Definitely with my family.I’m not an alone type of person, My happiness comes from spending my time with my three daughters and wife plus our bulldog.

4. Tell us something about yourself that will surprise us.

I find it difficult to watch mainstream television. The surprise comes whenever I am watching a historical documentary, Especially on the First World War and how young men and woman volunteered their lives for such atrocities. My wife will hand me the hankies and be graciously say nothing as I weep into my Kleenex.

5. What’s the high point of your life to date?

Qualifying as a history teacher this year. I unashamedly admit that I hated school when I was young. I was a rogue, but this has helped me build strong and consistent relationships with my pupils

6.What in your view is the key to succeeding in life?

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I adopt H.O.P.E in my classroom for my pupils. H is for hard work. O is for opportunity. P is for perseverance. E is for enthusiasm,

7.What is your first memory?

Picking the putty off of the local nursery window panes. The smell was extraordinary and even today the smell of putty plays fondly with my recollection of being a child

8. What was the first record you ever bought?

Ant Music by Adam and the Ants in the Market Hall in 1980.

9. What’s on top of your bucket list?

I have always wanted to write a series or sketch show.

10. What song sums up your life?

These Are The Days of Our Lives by Queen. I am such a reminiscent soul, I always look back on my childhood with utter fondness. The song describes how as children we were carefree and without too many worries. I think this is an important message to young people because I see some children desperately competing to grow up too quickly and it’s a tragedy to depart from the best days of your life.

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