To mark the release of Jurassic World movie - 10 dinosaur facts

Jurassic Park Tour. Image source: Park Tour. Image source:
Jurassic Park Tour. Image source:
With summer block-buster movie Jurassic World enjoying monster success at the box office, here are some dinosaur facts to mark its release.​

1. One dinosaur has been named after the Harry Potter book series​ ​- Dracorex Hogwartsia (‘dragon king of Hogwarts‘).

2. Some large dinosaurs lived up to 300 years​.​

3. The first dinosaur fossil to be discovered was a Megalosaurus and was found in Oxford, England in 1824.​

4. Usain Bolt is 12mph faster than a T-Rex.​

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5. Dinosaurs actually survived two mass extinctions over the course of their 165-million year reign. Even now their ancestors live among us in every corner of the planet, making them some of the most successful animals that have ever lived on earth.​

6. Britain used to be a dinosaur ‘paradi​se’, as it was the land mass that used to connect Europe and North America. This is why it was home to over 100 different species including the Tyrannosaur.​

7. Dinosaurs share traits with our feathered friends. Some used to have feathers (including raptors), and wish bones ... however they could not fly!

8. The Archaeopteryx is the first fossil evidence of evolution. This was the first feathered dinosaur to be discovered in 1861- just two years after Darwin published his theory of evolution.

9. T-Rex had teeth the size of bananas.​

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10. Dinosaurs had giant flees that were 10 times the size of modern flees.​

This information has come from experts at the science and technology magazine How It Works who have compiled ‘101 Gigantic Facts About Dinosaurs’.

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