International Rangers pubs: The 11 best pubs abroad to catch the next Rangers game - featuring Tenerife, Benidorm, Turkey, and more

Here are the best 11 international Rangers pubs to catch the next game when you’re on holiday abroad - whether you’re in Benidorm or Tenerife!

Catching a Rangers game abroad isn’t too difficult if you’re in a popular British tourist destination like Benidorm or Tenerife - but further afield in places like Thailand and America it can be a little bit harder.

There’s Rangers fans all over the world - whether they’re Scottish expats living or working abroad, or if they picked up a love of the team despite having never been to Scotland - meaning there’s plenty of great pubs across the world with incredible atmospheres to watch the Rangers games.

If you’re on holiday and there’s a big game ahead, like this weekends Old Firm match at Ibrox, the first of the season, taking place this Sunday, September 3 - you need to be amongst fans, and these foreign pubs are the best place to find them outside of Scotland.

Take a look below at our list of the 11 best international Rangers pubs to watch the next big match!