Bearsden man launches new ethical clothing brand

A Bearsden man has launched a new clothing brand in a bid to make sustainable fashion as affordable as possible.

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Unordinary Apparel Ltd’s focus is about making sustainable clothing affordable for the everyday consumer
Unordinary Apparel Ltd’s focus is about making sustainable clothing affordable for the everyday consumer

Alex Macdougall started Unordinary Apparel Ltd as he wishes people to be able to make ethical choices without it costing an arm and a leg.

The former Bearsden Academy pupil founded the company after doing a business studies and entrepreneurship degree at Edinburgh Napier University.

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Alex said: “I was always keen to do something in the fashion industry, and after leaving university I have very much thrown myself in at the deep end.

"Fast fashion coupled with the overproduction and overconsumption of clothes has led to huge social and environmental issues and the fashion industry must innovate or face the irreversible consequences of climate change.

"I noticed when I was a student that trying to make ethical fashion choices was not always easy, when you are looking at £30-£60 for a t-shirt then sustainable clothing was outwith my budget.

"My aim with Unordinary Apparel is to bridge the gap between the everyday person and sustainable fashion.”

Alex spent six-eight months doing his due diligence last year in order to get his ambitions off the ground.

The cotton is sustainably pronounced in India, while the garments are made in Bangladesh.

There was a clear desire on Alex’s part that not only should there there be no exploitation of the planet, there should be no exploitation of the workers either.

Alex said: “It was a lot of hard work getting things off the ground, particularly as we were very selective about who we worked with.

"There are a lot of companies out there who claim to practice ethically, but when doing the due diligence it became apparent that it was always the case.

"However, we have now got in place partners we believe in and ensure that the cotton harvest is sustainable and everyone involved gets paid a fair wage and is happy in their job, there are no sweat shops employed which on a personal level makes me feel a lot more comfortable.”

For more information about the company and to buy Unordinary Apparrell’s range of men and women’s clothing visit