Boat Bridge is set to close for urgent repairs

A key route across the River Clyde is set to be closed once more for repairworks say South Lanarkshire Council.

Boat Bridge carries the Cormiston to Thankerton road over the River Clyde, but without access local residents will be forced into lengthy diversions.

These are signposted as the C24, Cormiston Road, A72, A702, B7055, A73, Sherifflats Road, Boat Road and then the C24 again.

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Drivers are being warned to allow at least a further 30 minutes onto journey times in the area.

South Lanarkshire Council’s roads department gave notice that the full length of the bridge would close on April 8 for urgent repairs over a period of seven day following impact damage.

It is not that long since local residents faced a protracted closure for repairs to the bridge. Questions are now being asked whether it is time for further mitigations to be provided.

Would the high number of road traffic accidents at the bridge, some resulting in closures for repairs, be reduced by the provision of further mitigations?

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The publication of the latest notice has drawn the comment “If it is urgent why are they waiting until 8th April... is the bridge safe?”

Colin Park, the Head of Roads, Transportation and Fleet Services at South Lanarkshire Council, told the Gazette: “Two different parts of the bridge, both located on the Bigger side of the main section, have been damaged on separate occasions: a telegraph pole partially fell in a storm at the start of the year and then an unidentified vehicle struck the bridge last month.

“The bridge is safe to use in the meantime as the repair work is needed only to ensure the damaged sections do not deteriorate further.

"The works have been programmed to begin as soon as a specialist contractor is available to carry out the work, and to avoid clashing with other programmed road closures in the area.”

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