Buchanan Galleries: city shopping centre would be demolished under new planning proposals

One of Glasgow’s busiest shopping centres could soon be demolished

The future of Buchanan Galleries is at risk under new proposals to re develop the area.

Commercial property development company Landsec have outlined proposals to substitute the shopping centre for a mixed-use area.

A future site would be made up of shops, offices and accommodation.

Work on the new site would take ten years, starting in 2023.

Glasgow City Council, the shopping centre’s head landlord is set to enter negotiations with Landsec.

A consultation with the public is expected in spring next year.

The managing director of development at Landsec, David Heaford, said: “Cities around the world are learning toadapt to the public’s changing habits and we want to help Glasgow to be well-positioned to do the same.

“Our vision is to replace the existing shopping centre with an exciting new mixed-use urban neighbourhood in the heart of Glasgow city centre, blending world-class shopping with places to work, live and play.

“Our plans will seek to extend the city’s iconic and accessible grid layout, support the city’s net zero ambitions and be informed by the needs and views of local people, visitors and businesses.

“We will be launching a wide-ranging consultation, kicking off in the spring, to help create a place that makes a lasting positive contribution to the city and all those who live, work and visit here.”

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken said “Glasgow, like town and city centres everywhere, is facing significant and accelerating structural change.”

She added: “These initial proposals detail a response to those changes, ensuring Glasgow has a vibrant, successful and evolving city centre which continues to be the envy of our peers.

“Approval for the commencement of negotiations with Landsec would allow us to push ahead with addressing oncoming challenges and opportunities in this rapidly changing world.”