Caterpillar project makes final donations

A group which commemorates the history of Tannochside's Caterpillar factory has donated funds to support various community projects in the area.

In 1987 workers fighting to save 1200 jobs staged a 103-day sit-in at the factory, which was faced with closure after 30 years. This famous dispute attracted public support from all over Scotland.

Today, a number of those workers are now involved in preserving the memory of the Caterpillar dispute. The Caterpillar Legacy Project commemorates this major episode in local history through various means including memorials and presentations.

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One member of this group is Thorniewood councillor Bob Burrows, who was formerly a shop steward at Caterpillar. He says it was his involvement in the Caterpillar dispute which led him to enter politics.

Bob said: “I have been working for nearly three years with the Caterpillar Project raising the awareness of the trade union occupation that happened in the Tannochside factory over 30 years ago.

“We held our last meeting recently and the project had some funds that they wanted to distribute locally and asked me to hand out some cash to some groups to help financially albeit in a small way.”

Money was given to the Viewpark Family Centre to purchase toys and equipment for the children. A donation to Tannochside Information and Advice Centre will help support the work they do for people that need help.

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The Kew Gardens and Woodlands Viewpark sheltered accommodation complexes were given donations towards their Christmas events and a further donation went to Fallside-based charity VIP Arts and Sports And Sports Academy, which is taking a group of 15 children and young people,to perform on Broadway.

VIP founder Gail Smith said: “We are very grateful for this donation which will allow the children to enjoy carriage rides through Central Park, something we could not afford otherwise.”