Cornerstone House is ready to reopen

Cornerstone House in Cumbernauld town centre has been risk-assessed and customised in preparation for reopening.

The conference hall in Cornerstone House

Due to its size the Esk Walk premises is able to be laid out and equipped to keep people safe by meeting current social distancing guidelines.

A spokesperson for the Cornerstone House events team said: “In relation to social distancing, Cornerstone House has a major advantage over many other community venues in that the facility is large, wide and highly spacious, making it the perfect place for groups to set up base in a spaced-out pattern for various purposes including meetings, exercise, training and much more.

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“The disabled-friendly building has a very open and roomy layout with easy opportunities to see and assess movement of others from a distance apart.

“It benefits from modern spacious toilets, an open-plan kitchen area, on-site cafe and the absence of tight corridors and corners. Free full-day town centre parking permits are also available.

“The largest amenity in Cornerstone House is an adaptable conference hall that even at 25 per cent capacity due to social distancing measures is able to accommodate a significant capacity.

“The centre also contains a modern ICT and soft skills suite, several large and small meeting rooms and office facilities to let.

“In addition Cornerstone House operates a sizeable open-plan community space in the Antonine Shopping Centre that is available for hire.”