Council plans ‘on track’

North Lanarkshire Council is continuing to deliver on key targets, including housing, education, regeneration and care services.

That was the claim from council leader Councillor Jim McCabe at the launch of the authority’s performance report, where he said priorities were still being delivered despite financial challenges.

New affordable homes in Cumbernauld, and planned new homes in Kilsyth, were among local issues flagged up in the report.

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Other successes are said to include the delivery and installation of key equipment such as stair lifts in some residents’ homes.

Meanwhile the council has reasserted its aim to boost health and fitness facilities.

Councillor McCabe said: “While ensuring we can deliver services to our residents is vital, we also have to plan ahead and have updated our long-term financial plan up to 2024.

“But on the practical front we are looking to improve sports participation and physical activity and build on the legacy of the Commonwealth Games, continue to support an increasing proportion of older people living at home, and deliver 600 hours of nursery provision for 3-5 year olds along with free school meals for Primary 1-3 pupils.”

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Chief Executive Gavin Whitefield said: “We aim to provide high quality, customer focused and accessible services to all our residents in North Lanarkshire making the best use of a committed and effective workforce.

“While we face many challenges, we are continually striving to improve our service delivery to the benefit of residents.”