Cumbernauld firm is only winner of environmental award in Scotland this year

A Cumbernauld company which dynamically changed focus during lockdown and got our readers heavily involved in a recycling drive has been named as the only business in Scotland this year to win a three star Zero Waste Award.

Mook Staff

Moock Environmental Solutions usually recycled the complex plastics from toner cartridges but the pandemic changed all that as offices lay empty.

So the Blairlinn-based firm decided to look for other materials it could save from landfill or incineration in a bid to ensure that its long-established presence could continue in Cumbernauld.

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Those materials turned out to be larger plastics like those made in garden sheds, and outdoor furniture - and even the likes of wendy houses.

The donations have been from individuals and businesses alike – and after we featured this in the Cumbernauld News, many of you decided to pitch in by handing over bulky plastic items that were surplus to requirements.

More recently, Moock has increased both its recycling and social responsibility efforts by joining up with social enterprises as more and more quality toys were handed over to the Mid Road plan.

The organisation recognised an opportunity to give back to local communities when it started to receive toys that could enjoy an extended lifespan and be given to another child who needed them.Moock now fully recycles waste plastics from several social enterprises and charities, and in return, donates reusable toys to these organisations in the interests of supporting the youngsters and of course the planet itself.

Managing director Graeme Clowe who collected the award in London said: "I am really delighted that we have won this award and it’s even better that we are the only Scottish company to do so this year. I would like to say a massive thank you to all my staff who have worked tirelessly during this extremely difficult and strange times. It is nice for us to get this recognition for our hard work.”

To find out more about Moock Environmental Solutions visit their website at or check for daily updates on their Facebook page.