Eaglesham’s Cask Craft gives new life to whisky barrels

An Eaglesham entrepreneur has launched his own business recycling Scotch whisky barrels and turning them into unique gifts.

Alasdair Lamont (27) set up Cask Craft earlier this year making bespoke handcrafted gifts including, candle holders, keyrings, cheeseboards, glass holders and so much more.

The idea for his unique business venture came from watching a documentary on the Scottish whisky industry.

“I was watching this programme with my father on whisky production,” Alasdair explained.

“It got me thinking what happens to the barrels after they are no longer being used.

“I did some research and found that the wood was just burnt and used as fire wood, and I thought that was a shame.

“So I started making the tea lights and cheese boards from the whisky barrels and it grew from there.

“We knew these products would appeal to those who have an emotional link to the Scottish whisky industry and the history of Scotland.”

While making the products, care is taken to try to save some of the original features on the stave.

“I try to keep any markings while I’m sanding them down,” Alasdair continued. “It makes them more unique. Some staves are marked by wording or engravings – giving each its own character and history.”

Wasn’t it a bit daunting starting your own business?

“I wouldn’t say it was daunting, no,” Alasdair said.

“It’s definitely been exciting. It’s great to be part on the Scottish whisky industry .

“The industry means high quality products reflecting our heritage. Our products, like Scottish whisky, are made with passion, hard work and dedication. We take pride in reusing wood that would otherwise be wasted, giving it new life as a decorative item.”

For further information on Cask Craft, visit www.caskcraft.scot or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/caskcraftscot.

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