Foster care couple are handed compensation by North Lanarkshire Council

Motherwell foster carers who were “tested to the limit” have been handed a sizeable settlement from North Lanarkshire Council.

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The Boyles
The Boyles

Karl and Diane Boyle had their lengthy spell as foster carers ended after false accusations were made against Diane. Although Diane was subsequently cleared in court, the couple were blocked from resuming their roles by North Lanarkshire Council and they subsequently lost an appeal. They then decided to take further action for unfair dismissal.

And a settlement was reached just four days before a Glasgow-based industrial tribunal was due to take place.

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The Boyles said they aren't allowed to speak publicly about the outcome. NLC was asked for comment but refused to discuss the case.

However, a friend and fellow member of Motherwell's New Craig Community Church was more forthcoming about the ordeal the pair had faced.

The friend said: "Karl and Diane are to be highly commended for the commitment they made over 17 years to many children in need of support, care and love. They have maintained their dignity throughout this troubling experience, where their resolve was tested to the limit and their character questioned.

"I'm glad that they have been vindicated and an acceptable outcome has been reached.

"Without question, the support of friends and, most importantly, their strong Christian commitment, dedication to the truth and unswerving faith in God have seen them through what could have been a life-destroying experience.

"Here's hoping, and praying, that they will be able to get on with the rest of their lives in the knowledge that the local authority has offered acceptable compensation."

Previously Diane told the Sunday Mail: “I was cleared in court but the council condemned me."We were told by NLC that we did not have skills to meet the needs of foster children, emotionally or physically.

"We found that incredible given our history as carers. We were also told they had concerns going back a number of years, but were unable to give us any examples.”Karl said: “If the welfare and safety of the youngsters was the main issue, why did they place so many with us over such a long period of time?”