Foundation Apprenticeship is the right formula for Giffnock teenager

Teenager Goudham Suresh is turning his passion into a career thanks to his Foundation Apprenticeship.

Goudham Suresh.
Goudham Suresh.

The St Ninians High School pupil has a lifelong interest in computing and jumped at the chance to choose an IT Software Development Foundation Apprenticeship.

Goudham’s achievements are being celebrated along with other apprentices’ as part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, which is co-ordinated by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and takes place from March 2 to 6.

The theme is Talent without Limits, celebrating the diversity that makes Scottish Apprenticeships good for individuals, employers and the economy.

An opportunity to gain workplace experience while working towards a qualification at the same level as a Higher is perfect for the 17-year-old.

Goudham said: “I was always planning to build a career in computer science and my Foundation Apprenticeship has reinforced that. I’m gaining work experience while working towards a qualification with my Foundation Apprenticeship. The idea of this really appealed to me.

“This is a calling for me, computing is my passion. I make computer programs as a hobby which allows me to build on the skills I’ve learned at work.”

Goudham, who lives in Giffnock, believes his work at Scottish Enterprise can put him ahead of the pack when it comes to applying for jobs in the highly competitive IT field.

Having gained valuable experience while still attending school, he has also enjoyed his training at Glasgow Clyde College and is considering choosing a Graduate Apprenticeship as his next step on the career ladder.

Goudham said: “My Foundation Apprenticeship has been amazing and counts as a Higher, therefore I’m getting the best of both worlds. I’ve been applying for Graduate Apprenticeships. I’d love the chance to take my apprenticeship further, gaining a degree while also working.

“My work placement at Scottish Enterprise is really interesting. I’ve been able to manage team meetings and lead on projects within the IT Software area. I have lots of new skills on my CV which will make me more employable.”

Scottish Enterprise Training Specialist Claire Shanks knows Goudham has high career ambitions and believes he has brought a touch of flair during his work placement.

She said: “Goudham loves interacting with people who already do the jobs that he’d like to do. It’s great for him to be able to see these people in action. Foundation Apprentices bring a fresh pair of eyes. They offer innovation and energy around the business.”

Glasgow Kelvin College Employer Engagement Lead – Foundation Apprenticeships Laura Wilson said: “We’re delighted that Goudham is enjoying his Foundation Apprenticeship in IT Software. The Foundation Apprenticeship has afforded him the opportunity to build the foundations for his future career.”

SDS Chief Executive Damien Yeates said: “Demand from employers continues to drive the development and growth of Scottish Apprenticeships.

“Scottish Apprenticeships create opportunities for everyone no matter their background and for every business no matter its size or sector.

“Looking towards a future increasingly disrupted by technological and societal changes, work-based learning has never been more relevant for supporting people into highly productive and sustainable jobs.

“We are facing ever-growing demand for Foundation and Graduate Apprenticeships from employers, demonstrating that work-based learning is crucial to meeting critical skills gaps.”

Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Business, Fair Work and Skills said: “Apprenticeships are for everyone, regardless of background. Employers miss out by not tapping into as wide a talent pool as possible.

“The Scottish Government is on track to meet our target of 30,000 new apprenticeships starts by 2020/21, pursuing inclusive growth for the wellbeing and prosperity of Scotland’s people.”

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