Four Star General from US Space Force visits Cumbernauld - here is why

The unlikely-seeming visit of a four star general from the United States to Cumbernauld last week has shed more light on the role that rockets being developed in the town could ultimately play in world affairs.

For it it has now emerged that the products made at the Skyrora site are being examined as a means of fighting what’s described as “the first commercial space war in Ukraine.”

Although the company has already stated that it is involved with the US Space Force, it fully emerged as to why when its first chief of Space Operations General John W. “Jay” Raymond, toured the facilities of Skyrora.

And it has been readily admitted that the Americans and the UK Government in turn are becoming more interested in what is being made there, as a means of keeping the Russians at bay via powerful air defence systems, as hostilities show no sign of flagging.

Volodymyr Levykin, CEO at Skyrora, said: “This visit comes at a pivotal time as we come to learn the importance of sovereign launch from the first commercial space war in Ukraine. “Skyrora looks forward to working with the UK Government to further this alliance and achieve greater levels of investment and support for the UK space sector as we continue our laser focus of being the first UK company to conduct a vertical launch to orbit from British soil.”

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