Glasgow Airport ranked among the easiest to access in Britain

Glasgow Airport is one of the easiest to access in Britain, according to new Telegraph research.

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The newspaper looked at the 16 busiest airports throughout Britain and looked at the best and worst in a number of categories.

One of the rankings looked at the airports that are easiest to access - and Glasgow was ranked among the best.

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How did Glasgow Airport rank?

The huge space required for an international airport means that they are often constructed a good distance away from the city they are supposed to serve.

You’ll either have to hope there are good public transport links to get into the city centre, to fork out a considerable sum to fund a taxi ride.

Flybe aircraft at Glasgow Airport after its collapse in March 2020. Picture: John Devlin

But, according to the Telegraph, that is not an issue at Glasgow Airport, where travellers can get into the city centre in just 15 minutes.

While that is not as quick as in Birmingham (12 minutes) it is the same as Manchester, earning both cities a joint second place ranking.

What is the best airport in Britain?

In other rankings, London City Airport was named the best in Britain, with praise for the perks for customers, the quality of its destinations, and its proximity to the centre of London.

Gatwick, Heathrow and Newcastle rounded off the top four, while Leeds/Bradford and Bristol finished bottom of the pile.