Good news in Kilsyth after licensed premises asked for ID every time

A problem with underage drinking in Kilsyth which led to the formation of a Community Alcohol Partnership in the town has chalked up an early success after police and trading standards got involved with a test of licensed premises.

A young volunteer was tasked with buying alcohol in the town and every premises visited by the volunteer involved asked for identification to prove that they were over 18.

A Police spokesperson said on Twitter: “This shows the benefit of the C.A.P. which was launched in the area recently.”

Key organisations such as Kilsyth Community Council have raised a flag about the longstanding problem in the town which has been credited with outbreaks of disorder in the town involving minors.

They have also expressed dismay about the fact that adults have been willing to purchase drink on request for the youngsters even though this is an offence which carries a £5000 fine, a three month prison term or both.