Grangemouth firm hires specialist for blast-proof project

A Cumbernauld firm has been hired to equip a Grangemouth project with windows strong enough to absorb the shock from an exploding vehicle.

Cube Glass was instructed by Maxi Construction on the £65,000 project for Versalis, which produces synthetic elastomers and lattices for the automotive industry.

As part of the safety regulations at the facility, buildings within 50 metres of the fence line are required to have blast protection.

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The new contract is the latest in a string of successes for Cube Glass, which is set to secure record sales this year of around £2.75m.

The company focuses on curtain walling, doors, windows, glass roofing systems and shop fronts - but also bullet, bomb and blast resistant glass.

It sourced the blast resistant products from the German-based global giant Schueco Group.

Gary Thorn, Cube Glass founder and managing director, said: “This was a new kind of project for us and we had to attend a Schueco course and be examined in order to be approved.

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“We used blast resistant tilt-before-turn windows that were rated EXV(25), which is the equivalent of an exploding vehicle 25 metres away.

“We also used blast resistant doors, again rated to EXV(25).

“The glass on both these items was procured through Vetrotech, with whom Schueco do their testing, allowing us to provide a fully approved and certified window.”

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