Listed building bid could jeopardise re-development of Cumbernauld town centre

An intervention from a sole member of the public has the potential to jeopardise the council's re-development of Cumbernauld Town Centre after they submitted a proposal to turn the older part of the shopping centre into a listed building.

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By  Clare Grant
By Clare Grant

The same protective process was succesfully applied to the Carbrain Totem monument and a bid has now gone in to protect the visitors centre at Palacerigg with the Alasdair Gray mural inside, thanks to activist turned-councillor Adam Smith, in a move that’s been welcomed in the town.

Earlier this month, Mr Smith stated that he would be willing to make more applications in regard to Cumbernauld's architectural heritage but has told the Cumbernauld News that he is NOT responsible for this latest application which has the potential to have serious repercussions for the long-awaited development.

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The identity of the applicant is unknown but the Cumbernauld News understands they live locally. And Historic Environment Scotland which is dealing with the application has now launched a consultation process in regard to the proposal as it is duty-bound to do.

Mr Smith who has spoken to the organisation about the plan said: "They have made clear any decision they take on listing will not be influenced by public opinion but on the cultural, architectural, and historical impact of Cumbernauld Town Centre, but I would encourage as many local residents as possible to participate in the consultation.

A spokesperson for HES confirmed that a member of the public had made the application and added: “Anyone can propose a building for listing, and we are committed to considering any proposal made to us. We are aware that the council has been considering the future options for the site, and we have referenced that in our consultation. We have not made a decision in this case, and we are in the early stages of the process. That’s why we’re asking members of the public to submit their opinions on the special historic and architectural interest of the building.”

The consultation ends on Sunday, June 12 and can be accessed on the HES website.