Grass cutting will be subject of special meeting to be held in next fortnight

A special emergency meeting of North Lanarkshire Council looks will be held within the next fortnight – with regard to the authority’s controversial new refusal to cut grass it does not own.
Grass cutting rowGrass cutting row
Grass cutting row

Council leader Jim Logue said that the council was forced to decade the longstanding arrangement on cost grounds.

He blamed Scottish National Party-led cuts at Holyrood -but there was an update by those who oppose this at the start of the week.

And the protesters in question are in fact from the SNP group at North Lanarkshire Council.

SNP group leader Jordan Linden said: “ I can now confirm that following discussions with officers of the council, a motion has been submitted and deemed competent by the chief executive.

“Accordingly, the process is now underway for a special council meeting to be called in the next fourteen days."

The m,otion to be debated at the special council will see additional one off resource put in place to the grass cutting programme and support for public spaces including cemeteries, as well as committing to a further review of the long term decision that has been taken and undertaking an assessment of the current programme.

Specifically the Motion delivers a one off cut to every council area, including 1800 areas previously maintained but recently stopped by the council.

Councillor Linden added: “My group and I have been listening to local people. Our message to them is this – we hear you, loud and clear.

“Our SNP councillors have been at the heart of this issue in the Council and in the community. Asking questions, challenging decisions and calling for action. Local people need solutions to these issues and they need them now.

“I welcome the decision to proceed with a special meeting of the council This means we can deliver urgent funding into fixing these issues that local people are experiencing and review the delivery of the grass cutting programme.I hope all colleagues across North Lanarkshire can get behind this action and deliver for our communities.”

The move sparked fury across the authority as a petition was placed online by activists in Uddingston and some in Cumbernauld said they wouldn’t pay their council tax.