New St Enoch Centre entertainment venue, Level X, reveals full list of activities

A boutique bowling company has revealed what activities will be available at its new St Enoch Centre entertainment venue, Level X.

The new venue, due to open this summer, aims to offer the best games and activities from around the world.

Guests will be given wrist bands to wear that activate each gaming experience and allows them to pay for their food.

The venue will offer a bespoke experience with lots of new brands coming on board to partner with Level X and offer a whole host of activities under one roof.

One of those brands is, Gutterball - it’s bowling lanes, but not as you know them. Unlike traditional bowling lanes will feature graffiti art from some of the best street artists in the UK, as well as bespoke bowling balls and those who really want to bowl in style can purchase custom Gutterball socks.

It also includes ‘Alt-Verse’ virtual reality zones – which will allow customers to experience the latest in VR tech from around the world - including roaming multi-player games and interactive pods.

Level X is coming to Glasgow.
Level X is coming to Glasgow.
Level X is coming to Glasgow.

As well as their ‘Big Putts’ mini golf course – which unlike traditional mini golf courses will use smart “in the ball” technology to track your score and wrist band tech to allow you access to the course. The golf course has been designed to be a fully immersive experience with light shows and large-scale installations.

In addition customers can experience the very best arcades sourced from around the globe – including giant Hungry Hippos.

Graeme Smith, COO, said: “The Level X concept is all about making an experience that is as fun for the adults as it is the kids, we think it will revolutionise the family entertainment sector.

“We’ve been around the world looking for the very best gaming technologies and a lot of what we’re going to launch has never been seen in UK markets - there’s nothing like it out there.”