Public meeting to be held in Cumbernauld by anti-poverty campaigners about rising energy bills

A public meeting is to be held by anti-poverty campaigners in Cumbernauld’s Cornerstone Centre amidst fears about rising energy bills that are set to put households under increasing pressure this winter

Scottish Power heacquarters
Scottish Power heacquarters
Scottish Power heacquarters

The event which which has been organised by Socialists for Independence will take place on Thursday September 1 at 7.30pm was inspired by the Power To The People organsation in Glasgow.And it aims to set up a local branch of the pressure group here in the town, at this same meeting.

Locals are urged to attend a demonstration which pre-empts it outside the Scottish Power headquarters at St Vincent Street in the City Centre on Friday, August 12 at 4pm.

Organiser Kevin McVey said: “Our group co-sponsored a Socialist Energy Summit earlier this year that decided to launch a Power to the People campaign that would aim to tackle the drastic hikes in energy prices being created by an energy market that’s rigged in favour of energy companies. A market that is impoverishing millions whilst delivering obscene profits to big energy corporations. We are aiming to build the campaign across Scotland and demand action to ease the burdens these price increases are placing on people.

"Pressure must be put on energy companies and politicians to act, which is why this event is taking place. “We will call for a freeze on energy prices ending fees for latepayments of bills and the scrapping of prepayment meters.”

The meeting's guest speaker is Frances Curran.