Residents in Carnwath are calling on RBS to get their act together over a faulty ATM

​A faulty cash machine in Carnwath is causing chaos for residents who need access to funds.
The faulty ATM has not been operational for several monthsThe faulty ATM has not been operational for several months
The faulty ATM has not been operational for several months

​The machine owned and operated by The Royal Bank of Scotland has now been out of action for three months.

The only other source of cash in the village is at the post office, but they do not have unlimited access to cash, requiring, as they do to cash pensions, benefits cheques and the like.

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Angus Knox, secretary of Carnwath Community Council told the Gazette: “We only have one cash machine in Carnwath which has not been working for several months now.

“We are advised that it is a cable fault and the road needs to be dug up to repair the cable, but as far as I am aware no request has ever been made to South Lanarkshire Council to get permission for a road closure to attend to this.

“You can get cash back at the Post Office when it is open but they do not have limitless funds to accommodate this.

“The bus service is once an hour to get to Lanark to access their facilities for those without transport.

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“The Manager at RBS Lanark has been helpful and reported the fault several times but again she is getting no replies to say when the repair will be completed. We have also reported the fault as have many local residents.

“We are told that we do not need to report the fault as the branch will know it is not working, but when we try to explain this is a standalone machine not attached to any branch they do not appear to understand this. The number on the cash machine to contact for reporting issues is no longer in service.

A spokesperson for NatWest Group which owns RBS said:

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