Roundabout approach to road safety

A hazardous lack of signage and proper road markings in a busy mini-roundabout has been allowed to go unchecked for months, it is claimed.

Responsible driver Wojciech Borowski (25) from Kildrum contacted North Lanarkshire Council in September to flag up road safety fears at the mini-roundabout on the crossroads of Castlecary Road and Wyndford Road in Wardpark North, near the Outlander studio.

He explained that the sign warning drivers that a mini-roundabout was ahead was missing and that no speed limit sign was in evidence.

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This is especially dangerous as the area is in fact a 30 mile per hour area, unlike the many 40 mile per hour areas within local stretches of road.

A dismayed Mr Borowski has yet to see any changes being made to this dangerous-set up and has approached this newspaper as a last resort.

He added: “I have narrowly avoided a collision here as it is difficult to see the traffic approaching from the right if drivers don’t adhere to the speed limit

“The road surface is also in terrible condition and along with the layout itself, it means that traffic emerging from Wyndford is in danger.

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“Plus there’s the fact that there are no speed limit signs on the whole length of Castlecary Road between the the roundabout in question and that at Wardpark roundabout which just adds to the confusion along the section of the B816.’’

“I haven’t been ignored as such because I did get a letter .

“However there has been no action taken since then which is dangerous and the reason why I contacted your newspaper.”

A council spokesman did not shed any light on why this matter had taken so long to attend to.

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He promised however that the issues flagged up are in fact being tackled.

He said: “We have discussed the concerns with Mr Borowski and have made arrangements to have all road marking from Old Inns to Castlecary re-done.

“This includes the mini-roundabout.

“An instruction will also be issued to replace the the damaged speed limit sign and the missing roundabout sign.

“Although one of the speed limit signs is damaged, there is a secondary sign advising drivers that the road has a 30 mile per hour speend limit on this stretch.”