Sir David Attenborough backs campaigners against South Lanarkshire incinerator plans

Sir David AttenboroughSir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough
Campaigners fighting against proposals for an incinerator at Overwood Farm have won the support of Sir David Attenborough.

The 95-year-old broadcaster and naturalist responded to a letter from the Dovesdale Action Group’s John Young pledging his support in the battle against climate change.

Although he didn’t want to comment on the situation in South Lanarkshire, Mr Attenborough did commit to continuing the fight against “the problem in general”.

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In his reply, Mr Attenborough said: “Needless to say, I can well understand your concern about the building of an incinerator in your neighbourhood.

“The problem of dealing with all our waste is indeed an urgent and highly important one and I do my best to draw attention to it whenever I can and where I feel I may have some effect.

“I think it is better, however, to try and protest about the problem in general rather than become involved in one particular instance in any area with which I am not familiar.”

Waste management giants Viridor have proposed a “landfill diversion facility” at Overwood Farm, the Dovesdale Farm complex site south of Larkhall and Stonehouse.

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In January, Viridor submitted a proposal of application notice and scoping opinion request to South Lanarkshire Council, however, no formal planning application has been made as yet.

SIr David is not the only person the action group have written to about their concerns for Dovesdale.

Mr Young said: “In support of the campaign to raise awareness of the impact of waste incineration through greenhouse gas emissions, Dovesdale Action Group have written to a number of environmental campaigners and celebrities to seek support in campaigning to protect us from global warming and Climate Change.

“From what was a local campaign, we have now united campaign groups and organisations across the UK to campaign for a change in national policy and to encourage greater investment and innovation in recycling to address issues relating to Climate Change.

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“To this end we sought the support of Sir David Attenborough and were grateful for his kind words.”

Next month the Scottish Government will outline a National Review of Incineration in Scotland.

Mr Young added: “Dovesdale Action Group we will be writing to Michael Mathieson MSP, on behalf of Friends of the Earth, UKWIN, and other organisations across Scotland, to outline our concerns and issues we would like addressed within the review.

"Scotland deserves better and Dovesdale Action Group believe we can be world leaders in recycling and bringing an end to the need to incinerate our waste.

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Earlier this year, Grant Scott, planning manager North and Scotland for Viridor, said: “The proposed Overwood Energy Recovery Facility is a state-of-the-art development that will play a vital role in diverting our everyday waste from landfill.

“By utilising waste left over from the recycling process, the facility will convert it into electricity, helping to meet the upcoming landfill ban and supporting the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste strategy.”