Supermarket's surplus food supports those in need

A total of 4,530 meals have been donated to local groups throughout East Dunbartonshire in a food surplus distribution initiative by Tesco.

The Community Food Connection is part of the supermarket giant’s drive which has nationally helped serve five million meals to more than 3,300 community groups and charities since its launch less than a year ago.

The work is a key part of the retailer’s target to ensure no food safe for human consumption will go to waste inside Tesco’s UK operations by the end of 2017.

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The food plays a key role in helping charities feed people and, in doing so, allowing the money saved to be invested in vital social services in communities across the whole of the UK.

Tesco helped develop the nationwide scheme in partnership with a small social enterprise, FoodCloud, and food redistribution charity, FareShare following a successful partnership in Ireland.

Lindsay Boswell, boss of FareShare, said: “This is an incredible milestone in store-level food redistribution to charities which Tesco has made possible since developing the programme with FareShare and FoodCloud.

Tony McElroy, Tesco’s head of communications in Scotland, added: “We’re so proud to support local charities and community groups through Community Food Connection from our larger stores in Dunbartonshire and to be able to extend that support to our convenience stores is fantastic. We’re looking forward to providing more help to our community.”

If you are a charity or community group that could benefit from the support of Community Food Connection, visit to register.