The Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council lodge an objection against flat plans

The Royal Burgh of Lanark Community Council has now lodged a formal objection to the planning application for 39 flats in the grounds of St Mary’s Church.
Landscape plan of the proposed siteLandscape plan of the proposed site
Landscape plan of the proposed site

The application for vacant land At Ladyacre Road detailed the demolition of a detached double garage and the erection of 39 flats with carparking, cycle storage, landscaping and associated facilities.

Now the Community Council has said they are not averse to social housing as they are very much required but houses must be built sympathetically to the area/town.

Their objections are based on the following:

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Flat roofs are unacceptable and are not in keeping with surrounding area and not suitable for Scotland, SLC built flat roofed houses at Crossford and were required to replace them with with apex roof. They also complained of a flat roofed eyesore almost directly across the road, in the shape of the old Jobcentre building.

They felt the material to be used was unacceptable and not in keeping with the surrounding area, and would be out of character with the area.

There was an issue over the height planned for the development. Buildings are too high, and should only be two story, and that people deserve the right to have their own door access.

The complaint also touched on that the community council felt the flats were not suitable for access to people with mobility issues or families with children or prams. Four story high flats in Smyllum area have always been problematic since being built.

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Continuing with the list of issues, the complaint lodged states the proposed buildings are in too close proximity to a listed building / conservation area.

Car parking was said to be insufficient for 39 units with two bedrooms, potentially making a 78 car development.

The road junction from/to the development onto Ladyacre Road, could cause more traffic congestion on an already heavily congested area, right from traffic lights, through to St Kentigern's Roundabout on a daily basis, and with numerous junctions already along both sides of this road. Finally, the complaint concluded by saying up to 1500 school children pass along this road.